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To show what we found around Europe, we made a Documentary. It starts with a car riding under the snow, looking for what remains of the illusions of the 70s. Monumental urban installations, now in decline and almost hidden by vegetation and rust, are to witness a society that strongly believed in social promotion, implemented through work.

Where is, today, the jointly liable community of citizens and workers that had been promised by politics and corporations? How to combat the sense of disorientation that pervades people who are new to the labor market and can’t find a job, or mid-aged people who lost their job and can’t find a new one? How can the citizen "perform an activity that contributes to the material and spiritual progress of society", as the Italian constitution states?

Thus began the journey, real and metaphorical, through five countries in search of Multifactories, places that reinvent the idea of work.

Multifactories are a European phenomenon made by people who seem to be the pioneers of an emergingsocial class, incorporating new values and characteristics of artisans, entrepreneurs and freelancers.Only entering each building in which they are developing, and listening to the individual experiences of that guys, you can see what's new.

We got many similar responses out a single, coherent framework. A single speech of many voices, a large choral work that explains how these social systems are structured and can exist.

These forms of work organization, independent and free, are a practical and functional interpretation of the basic principles of Collaborative Economy, on which the European Union is investing so much.

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See the Documentary (60 min. ITA/ENG) at the following link