The Multifactory Network is a multi-dimensional connectivity system between European Multifactories.

The Multifactory Network is the attempt to experiment a completely new system to produce goods and services. It’s not just a way to enter the market with joined forces, or to improve production system, but a concrete environment to rethink in a collective way relationships between market/job/work/production.

The Multifactory Network is a structured system of economical agents which are part of Shared Workspaces that recognize themselves in the idea at the base of multifactories, heterogeneity, focus on production, community projects. The power of the network is in its components: the people. You can be just a freelance, or an artisan, but when you’re part of the Multifactory Network you share with a real community a common ideal of how work and job should be. You’re not alone anymore. This is not just a matter of giving/getting help: when they ask where is your office / studio / workshop you can say that you have one in Potsdam, one in Dresden and one in Nuremberg. One in Poland, four in Italy, one in GB, one in Spain, two in Portugal.

And they’re not just “desks in a coworking space”, but they are “your workplaces”, with a whole world of relationships, projects, experiences attached to them.

Places where you don’t just have the right to enter, to work, to make a meeting, but where you know people, stories, issues, where you can develop projects, ask for help, give a hand and feel at home.

Within the Multifactory Network people can interact on different levels: Tutorial Video Presentations, Elektronic Window, and Free Exchange Program


Tutorial and Video Presentations

Tutorial Video Presentations, to let the community know who are members and what they do. People have 2/3 minutes and a video format to expain who they are AND to give something useful to the community. The idea is: FIRST you give something (with the tutorial) and while doing this, you show who you are, your style, and so on. THEN you present your activity, projects, what you'd like to work on. All the Tutorial-Video-Presentations are available on the youtube channel DO IT TOGETHER : Click Here


Elektronic Window

Elektronic Window, a direct way to establish connections between people who work in different cities through a closed communication system that connects all the workspaces is. Just imagine a window trough the wall. You just go to the coffee-break area, or to the café, and you can see other people from another space, talk to them, exchange ideas, give and get suggestions on what you're doing. You can start business relationships as well. What is different respect to a skype call? To make a skype call, you have to ALREADY know who you are calling, you need their contact, and so on. with the electronic window, you can easily interact with people you never met before (but maybe who you think are interesting, because you've seen the video-tutorial-presentation)


Free Exchange Program

Free Exchange Program. This is a way to establish long-term relationships between people working in different places and to make projects together. To make this possible, we developed the Free Exchange Program. With the Free Exchange Program, every person working in one space within the network can go and work in another one at no fees and no expenses. No fees. If you're planning to work with someone else from another space, you just go and work with them. BUT you still have to give something to the community who hosts you: a workshop, a lesson, an object... something that improves the place that hosts you or the skills of its members. in this way, also other people will know about you and the place you're coming from. When making the Free Exchange Program, people can also apply for public fundings (like Erasmus for Entrepreneurs)