Do you have an empty industrial space?

Do you want to make something practical to solve social issues like unemployment, urban decay of industrial areas, reuse of skills of mid age workers?

Do you want to set up a skills integration system where entrepreneurs, free lances and artisans can work together?

Are you a member of a formal or informal group that wants to start a Shared Workspace?

Are you an administrator of a Shared Workspace that is facing problems?

Do you want to boost innovation, and try new production concepts?

We love dreams, but only when became truth.

We believe that social innovation has to apply to everybody and has to change the society by interacting with the existing schemes and structures.

A Multifactory is a fast, economical solution to face complex issues.

Contact us to know how you can face unexpected issues when running a Shared Workspace, how you can join the Multifactory Network, or start and fertilize the development of a new Multifactory.